Total Income and expenditure during last 3 years ( in INR )

Year                     income ( in Rs.)                Expenditure (in Rs.)                     Surplus/ deficit

2019                     0                                         0                                                     No profit / No loss

2018                      12555093                        12527341                                         Surplus

2017                       7745898                          7508032                                           Surplus

                                                 Financial Resources (in Rs.)

Note :- 1-4 below pertains to the year immediately preceding the year of application

  1. Annual income of school from tuition and other fees*                              12520800
  2. Annual assistance from Society / Trust , if any *                                                  0
  3. Annual income of school from other sources, if any *                                   34293
  4. Annual expenditure on payment of salary to the teaching

& Non – teaching staff working in the school *7546440

  1. Date on which the accounts of the school were last audited                              06/10/2018

And the financial year for which the accounts were auditedFinancial Year *

By a Registration chartered Accountant *2018


Retirement Benefits

  1. CPF/EPF Number *                                                GNRTK0023548000
  2. Gratuity scheme introduced*                                     No
  3. Other benefits ( if any ) *                                             No

Is the school maintaining its accounts separately from the society/                                        Yes

Are the accounts of the school being audited by CA every year?*                                        Yes

Trust / company running the School ?*         \

Has the school maintained the record of audit report of CA including the                        Yes

Income – expenditure statement?*              

Has the school maintained the record of bank Statements ?*                                             Yes

Has the school maintained the record of disbursement of salary to Staff

Through Bank ?*                                                                                                                             Yes